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Here at WorldChessPieces.com we offer writers in the Chess, Strategy Games & Home / Garden niches an opportunity to contribute content to our website. Content submitted to our website must be of high quality and offer value to our readers.

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Guest Posting - Blogging

Guest Posting Tips – General

If you’d like your guest blogging to reap the benefits you desire along with a positive ROI, consider the following guest post writing tips.

Look for a Broad Audience

Your blog must cater to a specific audience. By branching out too much, your blog would gain visitors, but the conversions won’t happen. However, it’s not advisable to target a narrow audience when guest-blogging. In other words, look to publish on blogs that are established and have a larger audience.

If you are going to publish marketing content on a blog about entrepreneurship, the majority of the audience there may not be interested in what you offer. However, since the blog receives several million monthly visitors, even if your content clicks with less than 1 percent of that audience, you would capture attention of a good number of people who don’t know anything about your business. Most importantly, the leads coming in would be qualified.

Don’t Guest-Post Too Frequently on Industry Blogs

If your blog or business is into marketing, chances are some visitors of bigger and more established marketing blogs’ readers would have visited your blog or at least know your blog exists. Guest-post on blogs falling within your niche every now and then to funnel in readers who don’t know about your blog, but make sure it doesn’t become a habit. This is because even if these visitors get redirected to your site from another site, the conversions would be extremely low.

List Posts Help with Conversions

List posts are ideal for guest-posting. They drive the maximum signups and sales. If you are making a list about the best brands within your own niche, make sure your company name features somewhere on the list. Because if you are not going to recommend your own company, then no one will. Also, make sure the website you are guest-posting on is okay with listicles, as not all of them are.

Use Catchy Headlines

Your guest’s post title must be something that makes readers click on it and read. However, just don’t stop with that. Ensure you also consider how your audience uses search engines. Your title must be in the question format because people go online searching for solutions to their problems. Consider both the searcher and reader when creating headlines, particularly when guest-posting.

It’s All About Numbers

If you seriously would like guest posts to bring in referral traffic to your site, you need to have more than a handful of your posts online on other sites. The referral traffic coming from specific posts may be higher than others, but things add up in tangible ways. In fact, over a period, everything would even out. Posts that are more than a year old would still drive traffic consistently. This is why it’s important to focus on both quality and quantity when guest-blogging.

Keep the Content Simple

Big websites do not accept most of the content or pitching ideas that come their way. If you are contemplating guest-posting on bigger blogs, there are a few things you must be wary of.

• Popular websites prefer short content – usually under 1,000 words. If your post is longer, it either would get trimmed down or rejected outright.
• Keep your content simple. Writing complex articles would take much more time compared to writing simple pieces. Moreover, since the audience of bigger blogs are modern, simple articles would get more click-backs and social shares.
• Most importantly, do not rehash existing content or send duplicate content. You may, however, reuse article concepts. As long as the content you’re publishing isn’t a duplicate and adds new direction to a topic, it’s fine to reuse past topic ideas. This shall also help write more in lesser time.

Continually Look for New Publishing Sites

While you can guest-post on the same established site once every week to enhance your brand value on the platform, you would eventually notice a dip in returns. To combat this, you should constantly look for new guest-posting opportunities or publishing sites. You can do this by constantly reaching out to different sites and offering to do guest posts for them.

To get started, prepare a list of established sites and influential people in your niche. Write down the sites and names of people that come to your mind first. If you are new to the niche and no names pop up in your head, search online using “target keywords”. Searching for names of influencers in your niche would also help you learn where their content goes.

Guest-blogging is a solid marketing tool that’s definitely worth considering. It would do wonders for your personal brand and help drive increased revenue too.

Write for Us – Chess, Strategy Games, Home & Garden – Niche Guest Posts
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