Top Chess Clubs

Chess might be a slow-paced game, but its popularity is fast growing. If you love Chess, then you should consider joining a Chess Club. There has been an escalated number of organizations being established across the globe. Regardless of what part of the world you are in, you’re bound to find a club in your city easily. If you want to know about some of the best chess clubs in the world and what they offer their members, read on to find out.

Chess Clubs

The Sharjah Cultural and Chess Club
Sheikh Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Qasim established this club. It was officially opened on March 28, 2013, and has been the largest and most popular Chess Club in the world since. Located in the United Arab Emirates, this Chess Club has two huge play areas that can accommodate up to 500 players at a time.

Aside from the impressive modern equipment and devices, within the building, you’ll also find classrooms, an award-winning library, VIP rooms, and region FIDE offices. The logo in the foreground was designed by one of Sharjah’s own. Hisham Al-Mazloum is an Emirati artist who’s head of Art Directorate at the Sharjah’s department of culture and information.

The Sharjah Club opens its doors to chess players from all corners of the world. It also hosts and takes part in national, as well as, international chess events.

Not to forget that it functions as a chess school for children interested in playing chess. The classes are usually divided based on the level of the players. The very first event that the Sharjah Chess Club hosted was the international tournament of under 20 Asian Junior Championships. The club also hosts Sharjah International Rapid Tournaments yearly.

The Battersea Club
The Battersea Club is a friendly club with exceptional modern equipment. The warm and inviting club has been operating continuously since 1885. It makes a significant contribution to the London Chess World through tournaments and events. You are guaranteed to feel equally at home, whether you are a beginner or a Master Chess Player.

Newbies and pros get to sip a drink as they think of their next move thanks to the weekly free club nights. The club takes part in elite Chess Championships from around the world. You get to test your mettle through different levels of competitions and stand a chance of winning a prize if you win.

This excellent club in London hosts annual club championships where eight graded applicants play for the grand prize. If you are in London or are planning to visit, consider stopping by to see how the club operates. The Battersea Chess Club opens its doors to all chess players across the globe.

All you have to do is ring the bell and wait to be buzzed in. If you are a newbie, there are Rookie Rivals Tournaments for undegraded players hoping to improve their skill level. Rapidplay Tournament, on the other hand, is open to everyone.

Bankok Chess Club
Bankok Chess Club offers players the ultimate test of cerebral fitness. This is the Best Chess Club in Thailand, and if you plan on Visiting, you should consider stopping by. Kai Tuoria, a chess fanatic founded the club. Club is a member of the Thailand Chess Association, and it makes a significant contribution to the International Chess Community. As one of the most reputable Chess Clubs in Thailand, it has a powerful presence in the chess scene.

With Bankok Chess meetings, you get to enjoy the social aspect of the gathering and the opportunity to improve your game against others. The club offers an excellent touchstone which allows you to know where you stand thanks to the featured lists of FIDE ratings, National ratings, as well as, Blitz ratings.

The Bankok Club website offers downloads of club rated documents with elaborate details of events. The annual Club Open Tournament magazine, for instance, has photos and lists of event champions clearly outlined. The club has gained respect over the years for hosting and getting involved in events of tournaments.

There is the Bankok Chess Club Open that is an annual chess tournament which attracts players of all skill levels across the globe. As many as 50 or more counties usually participate in this tournament. The other event you can take part in is the Assumption Association Open Chess Championship which acts as the warm-up for the Bankok Chess Open. Last but not least, there is the Bankok Club Championship whose winners get their entry fee returned and free entry to the Bankok Chess club open. Their events are an excellent way to while away the hours among individuals who equally love the game.

Melbourne Chess Club
Australia has not been left behind when it comes to representing the international chess scene. The Melbourne Club is the biggest in Australia, and it was established in 1866. The club strives to provide the best experience for chess players across the globe. It is equipped to accommodate at all levels, both juniors and adults.

The building can be found just off the popular Brunswick St in the heart of Fitzroy. You can attend juniors night on Wednesdays, fun social tournament on Sunday afternoons or junior sessions on Saturday mornings. Juniors have a professional chess teacher who takes them through the fundamentals of the game.

There are also social tournaments and, weekend tournaments and novelty events organized throughout the year. Serious competitions where eight internationally rated players participate usually have a grand prize for the winner. There are also serious long game tournaments that are accessible to more experienced beginners. The opportunity to compete is not only thrilling but ensures the player can improve on their skills.


Chess is an amazing game that connects players across the globe. Even though it is slow paced, the game can be quite exciting. Chess Organizations give chess lovers a place where they can feel at home and meet like-minded individuals. If you are a chess lover, consider visiting one of these international chess organizations for a one in a lifetime experience.,com_wrapper/Itemid,198/