7 Best MegaChess Sets Review

Chess playing is one of the oldest games in human history, as it can be seen to date back to the Viking era. Playing chess is believed to make you an intellect as you have to engage your mind before you make your next move. You need to consider how durable the chess pieces are and how long they can serve you before replacing them. The chess pieces must be able to endure scorching sunshine, heavy rainfall and winter period since they are mainly used for outdoor entertainment. In this MegaChess review, you shall learn more about playing the game of chess.


1. MegaChess 16 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

MegaChess 16 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

The MegaChess 16″is a plastic set that has 16″ chess pieces which are of great height. Unlike the other chess pieces, more than 16″ this pieces are easy to lift and move which makes them a great set for kids. Additionally, the set is quite affordable, and you don’t have to spend a fortune for you to own them. Also, the chess sets are made from strong, durable material that makes them last you for a lifetime. Moreover, the plastic chess pieces can withstand any weather changes from heavy rainfall to the scorching sun during the summer, and cold winters.

  • Can withstand any weather changes
  • Can be used for commercial or residential use
  • Are light and can be moved easily

  • The chess sets don’t have a chess board, but they do offer a chess mat for you to use
  • The sets can’t be weighted

Check it out: https://www.MegaChess.com/products/16-inch-plastic-giant-chess-set

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2. MegaChess 12 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

MegaChess 12 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

Are your kids in love with playing chess? Then you should get them this amazing MegaChess 12″ plastic giant set. It is made from injection moulded, light, rugged plastic material which makes it suitable for kids. The chess set is made from a material that can is tolerant of all weather changes and can withstand strong rains; it is UV resistant meaning it can tolerate the sunlight. The set is light and easily portable, and you can bring it to camping, or on vacation and enjoy the game with friends and family.

  • Light and easily portable
  • Made from durable material that can withstand any weather changes

  • The chess sets don’t have a chess board, but they do offer a chess mat for you to use
  • The sets can’t be weighted

Check it out: https://www.MegaChess.com/products/12-inch-plastic-giant-chess-set

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3. MegaChess 72 Inch Teak Giant Chess Set

MegaChess 72 Inch Teak Giant Chess Set

The MegaChess 72″ is among the largest chess pieces ever made, it is a great piece that incorporates a great sense of style in your home. This chess pieces are not only used as a form of entertainment but also as great pieces of interior and exterior décor. The chess pieces are made from teak which is durable material that can withstand any weather changes, decay, or ants. Furthermore, teak is a gorgeous material which gives out beautiful colors when you look at; this makes the chess pieces stand out.

  • Gorgeous pieces of art that blend in with your décor
  • The chess sets are made from durable material
  • Strong chess sets

  • Not recommended for kids unless they are being supervised since they can topple and hurt the children
  • Heavy and can’t be easily transported from one place to another

Check it out: https://www.MegaChess.com/products/MegaChess-72-inch-teak-giant-chess-set

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4. 36 Inch Fiberglass Giant Chess Set

36 Inch Fiberglass Giant Chess Set

The MegaChess 36″fibreglass giant chess is made from strong, durable material that can withstand any weather changes and last you for a lifetime. The chess sets are gorgeously made, and they make a perfect outdoor or indoor décor that blends in with your home décor. The pieces can easily be moved from one place to another, and this makes it easier for you to play.

  • Strong chess pieces
  • Durable and can withstand all weather changes
  • The chess pieces form a gorgeous piece of art on your home
  • The chess sets have a rubber base that is used to keep the fibreglass out of puddles

  • None identified

Check it out: https://www.MegaChess.com/products/MegaChess-36-inch-fiberglass-giant-chess-set

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5. MegaChess Napoleonic 8 Inch Birch Giant Chess Set

MegaChess Napoleonic 8 Inch Birch Giant Chess Set

This set is handcrafted to precision to make a unique one of a kind chess set that is unique from one another. If you want to enjoy having a unique chess piece that does not resemble any other chess set? Then this is your set. Not only will you enjoy playing this game with friends and family but also have the pleasure of owning a beautiful set that will make your outdoor living space look amazing.

  • Unique and gorgeous chess pieces
  • Durable chess sets that survive can withstand any weather changes

  • You can stain your chess pieces to give them a darker shade and see the grains in the wood

Check it out: https://www.MegaChess.com/products/MegaChess-8-inch-polish-birch-giant-chess-set

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6. 25 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

25 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

If you are looking for a set that can be used for both commercial and residential places, then the MegaChess 25-inch plastic giant set is the right for you. This set is perfect for a resort, shopping mall, school, your backyard and even a cruise ship. The chess set is affordable and made from strong and durable materials that make it tough and can withstand any weather changes. The chess sets retain its colour even after being exposed to sunrise for years without the chess pieces chipping off.

  • Made from durable materials
  • Can be used in both commercial and residential areas
  • The weight of the chess sets can be added by adding sand to the base of the chess pieces.

  • None identified

Check it out: https://www.MegaChess.com/products/MegaChess-25-inch-plastic-giant-chess-set

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7. MegaChess 7 Inch Dark Rubber Tree King Giant Chess Piece

MegaChess 7 Inch Dark Rubber Tree King Giant Chess Piece

Some of the chess pieces may get damages when they fall, or they can be affected by the weather, and you might want to change them. The MegaChess 7″ dark rubber tree king giant chess piece is sold as one piece to replace any of your lost pieces. Additionally, you can get the chess piece as a decorative element in your home and backyard to give your home a finishing touch. The rubber tree material is an alternative to teak which is environmentally friendly and appealing to the eye.

  • Made from environmentally friendly material
  • Light and easily portable
  • The chess pieces are sold separately which is perfect for replacement
  • Made from strong and durable material

  • If you are looking for a unique feature, this might not be a great idea since they are made by machine and not handcrafted like most of the chess pieces.

Check it out: https://www.MegaChess.com/products/MegaChess-7-inch-dark-rubber-tree-king-giant-chess-piece

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Facts about the MegaChess Brand

In this MegaChess review, you will get to know some facts about the MegaChess brand.

• Offers a single chess piece

This is the only company which offers a single chess piece if you need. If you need to replace any lost piece, broken or damaged then this is the perfect place for you to place your order.

• Customized for DIY projects

You don’t have to order the exact replica of chess set pieces that you see in the listing as you can ask for your own customized set. The MegaChess can even place a logo on the chess pieces and make them to the shade of color you would like.

MegaChess Brand History

The birth of MegaChess started when the founder Peter Shikli fell in love with the magnificent chess piece. He soon realized that he wanted to surround his home with this marvellous chess pieces but in a much bigger size. Conveniently for him, his father was a carpenter, and he could curve the chess pieces with skill and art and make them something that everybody could fall in love with. This is where the founder decided to make the dream a reality, and he started the MegaChess company to supply chess sets to all the chess lovers. The MegaChess sets are a unique form of art that can blend in as your outdoor décor or indoor décor and transform your space into something magnificent.

MegaChess Shipping and Returns Policy

Most of the MegaChess orders are shipped out within 24 hours, this is to make sure that your products reaches you on time. All the orders above $75 are free in the US. This is because shipping the MegaChess pieces is quite expensive hence, if you are in a hurry to get your chess pieces and you would like to have them between 1-3 business days, then you have to pay an extra amount for your shipping. MegaChess offers to ship out of the country, but you have to cater for shipping cost from the port to your location, this is because you are more knowledgeable of your countries customs laws. If you need to return the chess sets, it is advisable that you return them within the first seven days. You will require to pay for the shipping cost from your home to the manufacturer and 20% restocking fee charged to all returns.

Products offered by MegaChess

This can be a little tricky since MegaChess offers giant chess pieces and the product selection is limited. You can choose the products depending on some things, the size, the material, and the style.

• Different chess styles

MegaChess has different styles of chess pieces that give the game a whole new dimension from the mediaeval style, Tiki style, geometric style, Napoleonic style and of the old fashioned Staunton style.

• The chess set sizes

Although all of the MegaChess sets are giant and huge, they still have different sizes to match your décor and the size of the space. The chess sets are made in various sizes 8 inches being the smallest and 72 inches being the largest size available.

• The material of the chess sets

The chess sets are made from different durable materials to suit your style. They have chess sets made from plastic, fibreglass, teak, topiary, rubber tree and acrylic.

Average MegaChess Pricing

Everybody works on a set budget; this is usually to limit the amount of money you spend and allow you to save for a rainy day. You have to consider the cost of the chess sets before you end up getting them this will limit you from overspending.

Owning a giant chess set can be a bit expensive, but this is due to the size of the chess pieces and the material used to make them. In this MegaChess review, you will see the average prices of the chess sets depending on the size, material and style. The price ranges from 15 dollars for one chess piece to $16999 for a 72″ chess set.

MegaChess vs Competition

There is no business without competition, and a little competion is always good for business. There are other giant set manufacturers in the market that compete with MegaChess. For this reason, MegaChess has come up with ways to improve their customer services and reduce competition. Additionally, there is the introduction of LED chess sets that can glow in the night, no more tripping on the huge chess pieces on your garden anymore as you can easily see them. This creation of the LED will make the company stand out in all the competition and maintain its loyal customers.

MegaChess in the News

MegaChess is one of the first giant chess sets makers which makes the company stand out. MegaChess has its blog apart from the online chess store. MegaChess uses the blog to pass information on chess related topics, and they have a few articles about chess in schools, shopping malls and illustrations on how to use the giant chess sets as outdoor and indoor décor.

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This MegaChess review discussed all the qualities of the giant chess pieces and how they can create an amazing space in your home. You have to keep in mind the size you want from 12 inches to 78 inches of a massive chess piece. You have to know how big your space is before introducing the chess set in your home. You don’t want to have massive chess pieces that do not match your home. Enjoy the magnificent look of the chess sets and have fun to play chess with your friends and family.

7 Best MegaChess Sets Review
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