4 Pocket Chess Sets and Boards

Pocket Chess Sets

Pocket chess sets are fun, easy to carry on the go and players love the freedom they offer. Chess has been around for over 1500 years now. It is said to have first originated in India, from where the love for the game spread to Persia, and then to Europe. The rules of the game may have changed a little over the centuries, as has the design and style of the pieces. However, the chess board, which represents a battle field, and the pieces, which symbolize the four forms of the military, infantry, chariotry, elephantry and cavalry, remains pretty much the same.

Every day millions of people sit down to a game of chess. They love the intrigue, the anticipation and the creative maneuvering that the game requires. They also love the fact that the game requires them to constantly plan their next move, while anticipating which piece their opponent is likely to move.

While the traditional chessboard and pieces are elegant, they are large and cumbersome to carry around. This is why chess players like to shop from pocket chess sets. The travel chess game is basically a miniature version of the conventional chess board and pieces. It is designed so it can be carried with ease. And so, one can enjoy a game of chess almost anywhere one would like to set down their chess board.

1. Magnetic Travel Chess Set by Yellow Mountain Imports

Magnetic Travel Chess Set

The Magnetic Travel Chess Set by Yellow Mountain Imports is ideally sized for travel. It is designed as a rectangular box, which, when opened, forms the chess board. The board is 9.7 inches in length and in breadth, and it is less than an inch thick. Each square on the board is about an inch wide. The set, of course, comes with all the pieces that are sized for comfortable play. The pieces are colored golden and silver, and look quite delightful on the black and white chess board. When not in use the pieces can be safely stored inside the box. The magnetic board and pieces offer players the opportunity to enjoy a game of chess on the go, without worrying about pieces falling off. Priced at less than $11, most customers are satisfied with their purchase and recommend the product to others.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/YellowMountainImportsMagneticTravelSet

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2. The US Chess Federation’s Checkbook Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Checkbook Magnetic Travel Chess Set

The Checkbook Magnetic Travel Chess Set is the official magnetic chess game offered by the US Chess Federation. As the name suggests, the set is the size of a checkbook. This makes it convenient to carry and play on the go. The folded magnetic chessboard is designed well and its green and white squares look appealing. The pieces are flat and circular and need to be punched out of a magnetic sheet.
Many satisfied customers recommend that people use this sheet to store the pieces safely when the chess set is not in use. As the pieces are flat and lie against the chessboard, players do not have to worry about them falling off. Also the magnet used for the product is strong; making this set popular among players. It is convenient to carry when one is travelling and offers players a good playing experience. The portable chess game is priced at less than $20, but you may be able to purchase it on Amazon at a great bargain.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/TheUSChessFederationCheckbookSet

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3. Chess Bazar Magnetic Travel Pocket Chess Set

Chess Bazar Magnetic Travel Pocket Chess Set

They say great things come in small packages. And in the case of the Chess Bazar Magnetic Travel Pocket Chess Set, this is quite true. Crafted from rosewood the seven inch magnetic chess board looks quite regal. The chess pieces come packaged in the wooden box with a green felt interior. When the box is opened and placed on a flat surface it forms the chess board. The brown and beige wooden squares add to the chess board’s elegant and quaint appeal. It also comes with a velvet bag, into which the pieces that are no longer placed on the board can be put. This product is priced at less than $18, inclusive of shipping costs.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/ChessBazarMagneticTravelPocketChessSet

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4. Magnetic Mini Pocket Travel Chess Set by WE Games

Magnetic Mini Pocket Travel Chess Set

The Magnetic Mini Pocket Travel Chess Set by WE Games is checkbook sized. The chessboard comes folded, and when one opens it up you find a third magnetic panel where pieces can be stored. This feature ensures that you do not lose any pieces when you play on the go. The set also comes with two additional queens and two blank pieces that can be used in case you lose a piece. The chess board opens up to form the 5.5 inch chess board. The pieces are flat and circular, and the design reduces the chances of them being knocked off the board. The size and design of the chess game makes it convenient to carry, set up, and play. The product is priced at less than $10.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/MagneticMiniPocketTravelChessSet

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Types of Pocket Chess Sets

When you are shopping for travel chess games, you will be thrilled to find that manufacturers offer many different styles. You can choose a set that appeals to you as a player, and for the convenience it offers you. They also make wonderful gifts for friends and colleagues. You could consider buying a set for a friend you like to play chess with, or it could also be a gift for someone who wishes to learn the game.

You may like to shop online for portable chess games as you will be able to choose from a wide and varied selection of sets. In contrast, most local stores offer a limited selection. When you peruse portable chess games offered by various manufacturers, you will find that they often differ in style and design. Some sets come in a small box that opens up to form the chess board. Still others are the size of your checkbook and are designed as three interconnected panels that can be spread open. Some manufacturers also offer travel chess products that can be unrolled to enjoy a game. And after it has ended, the chess board can be neatly rolled up and placed away.

They are usually magnetic. This means that players can enjoy a game of chess in places that they would have otherwise never been able to. This is why one can often see people playing on a portable chess board on trains, airplanes, and even in busy cafes.

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Advantages of Pocket Chess Sets

Traditionally chess is a game that is played in a setting that is quiet and somber. Such a background allows the players to peacefully consider each move they make on the chess board. The size of the chess board and the pieces require that the game be played on a table where the board as well as the players will be mostly undisturbed. This aspect of the game makes it somewhat restricted. Portable chess games allow players freedom that the traditional sets do not. One could carry a pocket set almost anywhere, and set it up on a stable surface. You could play chess at your favorite café, on the train, even in class or at your workplace.

It is its portable nature that makes a travel chess game so appealing. While they are called ‘pocket’ chess, they are slightly bigger than one could fit into a pocket. However, you could easily carry it by hand, or in your bag. The portable chess games are meant for players who enjoy a game on the go. They are excellent for long train and airplane journeys. In fact, players can set up a game almost anywhere their heart desires.

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Tips on Shopping for Pocket Chess Sets

There are many different styles of chess games in the market. They are priced rather well and you can buy a set for less than $20. This makes the product an excellent stocking stuffer. If you are looking for the top travel chess games you will enjoy shopping for them on Amazon. There are many sellers and manufacturers who offer customers quality portable chess games and you can choose one or several that suit your requirements. Here is a list of some of the top pocket chess products for you to consider.

Chess is a thinking person’s game. Not only is it fun and interesting, but the benefits that the game offers its players are diverse. Researchers have found that playing chess improves focus, concentration and memory. It also enhances visualization and strategic thinking. In children and in young adults, it can help develop higher order thinking skills and help players analyze a situation from multiple points of view. For the young at heart, chess offers a fine opportunity to keep their thinking and reasoning skills sharpened.

Portable chess games are fun to play with, and players can set up with chess board and enjoy a game almost anywhere they wish to. When you shop on Amazon, you can choose from the top travel chess sets and even benefit from some additional discounts.

4 Pocket Chess Sets and Boards
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