4 Marble and Stone Chess Sets

Marble and Stone Chess Sets

Chess sets are a great and unique way of adding character to your home. The stone and marble sets are made with patience and have a luxurious and gorgeous feel. A great chess set can make any living space feel warm and welcoming. Playing chess is an amazing way for you and your family to bond. Also, introducing chess to your children can help improve their intelligence and patience virtue.

Four Marble & Stone Chess Sets products review

1. The wooden framed Black and Brown Alabaster Chess Set

Black and Brown Alabaster Chess Set

This is a unique chess set made from alabaster stone. The alabaster makes the set to have a unique and luxurious feel and look. An interesting factor is that no chess set resembles each other. All the sets are unique, and this gives you a sense of importance in owning a unique piece. The pieces are fitted at the bottom so that they don’t scratch the chess board. The set feature a black and brown translucent chess pieces. The pieces are smooth on touch and are of great size. The pieces are uniquely made and can catch the light and bounce it into an amazing shade.

  • Uniqueness
  • Great size of the chess pieces
  • A gorgeous looking set that gives match your living room décor

  • Its is a bit heavy

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/BlackandBrownAlabasterChessSet

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2. 16″ American Designed Coral and Black Marble Chess Set

American Designed Coral and Black Marble Chess Set

The beauty of this chess set is incredible. The amazing blend of the black and coral chess pieces make it so gorgeous to look at. The set is a perfect gift idea for the lovers of chess as it comes with packaging material. The pieces are more recognizable as standard chess piece compared to other pieces. Not only, is the set large enough for you to play well and put on display. However, also, it is not too big and does not take up all the counter or table space.

  • Comes with a gift box that is wonderful for gift delivery and storage
  • The chess pieces are a recognizable standard pieces
  • Made with a perfect finish to give you that luxurious look

  • The box is not all that amazing as it has threads and the clasps feel cheap

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/AmericanDesignedCoralBlackMarbleChessSet

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3. 13″ Swirled White — Pink – Onyx Chess Set

Onyx Chess Set

If you are looking for that unique natural looking chess set? Then this onyx set is perfect for you. The set has a natural beauty to it, and each set shows its character. The chess board is polished and ready to play, and yet it is intertwined with a certain rawness in nature that gives it an amazing touch. Moreover, the onyx is handcrafted hence giving each set a unique nature.

  • Each set is Unique
  • The chess pieces are of a great size that allows you to play with ease.
  • Crafted with patience to give them that beauty and natural look

  • The chess pieces don’t have felt bases and can scratch the board
  • There are no extra queens which mean you can’t promote the pawns

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/SwirledWhitePinkOnyxChessSet

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4. RADICALn Handmade chess set

RADICALn Handmade chess set

If you are looking for a luxurious and unique chess set? Then this Radical set is excellent for you. The set is handcrafted to give it that unique feel to it. Not only is this set unique but also exudes a sense of luxury and beauty in it. This is the perfect gift for your friends as it has that unique beauty and matches with any living room décor. Moreover, these chess boards are offered in several colors hence making you have several options to choose from.

  • Have a variety of colors to choose from
  • The chess pieces are recognizable chess standard pieces
  • Comes with a secured package great for gift giving and storage

  • None identified

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/RADICALnHandmadeChessSet

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History of marble and stone chess sets

Chess playing has been around for centuries. The game of chess was familiar in the drinking dens, and it evolved from there. Chess was used as a form of socializing, and people would meet up and talk about politics. The setting of the chess game goes hand in hand with the ruling at that time. The pawns and knights protected the king, and they made sure no harm befell him.

This is also seen in the chess game wherein each move you make you strategize and ensure that the king is not left unprotected. The queen piece stays next to the king during the game. This is about the queen’s role in the kingdom. Her role was to be beside the king and offer him advice when need be. She was known to be ruling the kingdom from behind the scenes, and her authority was respected. The queen ensured that no harm befell her king. Because the fall of a king meant the fall of the kingdom at large, the knight’s role was to protect the castle and the royal family at all cost. They were to ensure that the heir is well protected and is out of harm’s way. The bishop’s role was to give the king advice on some of the most important matters.

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Benefits of Marble & Stone Chess Sets

• Used for entertainment

Chess playing like any other type of board game is used as a form of entertainment. A game of chess is one of the most mind-engaging games that allow family bonding time. Nothing brings a family together than enjoying a nice evening together. Board games are an interesting way to entertain a family. Moreover, what other game than the oldest game in history for you enjoy.

• Used to show the history of kingdoms

Practical learning is proven to be the best form of learning because the act of visualizing a certain principle is found to stick in mind what better way for you to learn about the history of the fascinating time than with a game if chess. Get to learn the roles of kings, queens, and knights in the medieval time.

• Learn how to strategize

Chess playing has been associated with intellects all over the world. A game of chess allows you to learn how to strategize and improve your concentration for you to win in a game of chess you need to be careful and know when to take a risk. This improves your social cues tremendously.

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Marble & Stone Chess Sets Brands

• RADICALn brand

The Radicaln brand makes the most stylish and luxurious chess board and sets. The chess board is made from fossil coral and white marble. The marble is handcrafted and curved to perfection making it a unique set. The chess board has smooth edges that give it that luxurious feel. The art involved in making of this chess board make it stand out like a magnificent décor piece. The chess board is made to match your interior décor and go with the theme of your living room. The chess board comes with chess pieces that are also made from marble. The pieces are made and curved smoothly to make you enjoy playing with them. The pieces are unique and have a smooth feel when you touch them.

• RoyaltyRoute brand

Like the name suggests the chess board and chess pieces are made with a touch of luxury only fit for royalties. The chessboard is handcrafted to make it a unique piece of art that is the envy of all your neighbors. Enjoy a game of chess when playing with this gorgeous pieces anytime. Additionally, the royalty route brand sells their chess set with a storage box for safekeeping of the pieces. An added advantage is the fact that this storage box serves as a board game, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

iv. Average pricing

Marble and stone chess sets are a bit high on the market price as compared to wooden sets. This is because mining for the natural stones is also expensive. The price range of a marble and stone set is150$ to 450$ depending on the size and type of stone used. However, you have to admit marble and stone chess sets are gorgeous and bring out that luxurious feel to your home.

v. Stores + provide selection tips.

• Cost

You do not want to end up breaking a bank for you to get a marble chess set. Look for a marble & stone sets that are within your price range. Also, please don’t go for a cheap marble chess set because we all know that cheap is not always good. You may end up buying a chess set at a lower price, and it will end up breaking at just one fall. Hence costing you more to replace it.

• Material

There is a cheap imitation of the marble &stone chess sets that end up breaking at a slight knock. Get yourself a marble set made from long-lasting materials that will last you for a lifetime. There are a lot of natural stones around the globe that are used in making great chess sets. They range from granite, marble, alabaster, jade, soapstone, and onyx. Look for the perfect chess made from the material of your choice.


Get yourself the perfect marble &stone chess sets today and enjoy this fantastic game. Each set has a unique character that tells a lot about your personality. The marble and stone chess sets are created to add character to your living room as well as to be a form of entertainment.

4 Marble and Stone Chess Sets
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