4 Isle of Lewis Chess Sets and Boards

Isle of Lewis Chess Sets

Chess playing has been a famous game, and it has a rich history that makes the game even more fascinating. Lewis chess game is among the common played types of chess. With a rich historical background which makes the game fascinating every time you play. Enjoy an amazing time with your family as you try to beat each other in a game of chess.

Isle of Lewis Chess Set products review

1. National Museum Scotland The Isle Of Lewis Chessmen The Official Set

National Museum Scotland The Isle Of Lewis Chessmen The Official Set

This chess set is from the national museum of Scotland. They are a replica of the original as they are laser scanned from the original pieces in the museum. They are made from durable materials that give the chess pieces the original texture and color. They come in perfect gift packaging that allows you to offer them as a gift with pride. The king piece is made at the height of 3.25 inches high and a diameter of

2 inches. This gives them an amazing grip when you are playing with the pieces


• They are quite large enough thus giving you an amazing grip while playing
• They are a replica of the original since they are laser scanned from the original
• Come in a wrapped package that is perfect for gift giving

• None identified

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/TheIsleOfLewisChessmenSet

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2. Design Toscano Isle of Lewis Chess Set with Board Box

Design Toscano Isle of Lewis Chess Set with Board Box

The design of the Toscano chess set is made from high-quality, durable resin. The chess board is also made from resin mixed with crushed stone to give the chess board that luxurious feel. The fascinating detail on this set is the key to detail. They ensure that their chessboards have that vintage antique look that gives you the sense of history behind the game. The chess pieces are made as a replica of the original to ensure that you have the feel of the original pieces.

• The chess pieces are a replica of the original
• The board has a unique antique feel to it


• The board is solid and heavy to some peoples liking

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/DesignToscanoIsleofLewisChessSet

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3. The Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces – 3.5″ King — METAL

Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces

This chess set is a true representation of the original chessmen set. The set is made as a representation of the historical factor surrounding the famous game. The company ensures that there is no misrepresentation of the game and all the historical aspects are well represented from the distinct curves and the facial expressions of the original pieces. The company aims at producing the exact copy and ensure no history is lost so you can enjoy the game at the comfort of your home. The chessmen and chess board is made from long lasting durable material that will allow the chase game serves you for a lifetime.


• Made from long-lasting material
• Made with an exact representation of the original copies


• The chess game does not come with the chess board, and you have to buy a the chessboard separately

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/TheIsleofLewisChessPieces

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4. The Isle of Lewis Chess Set with Presentation Box — SAC

Isle of Lewis Chess Set with Presentation Box

Are you looking for a perfect set for you and your family to enjoy? Then this magnificent piece is the right one for you. The chess set is made from durable material that ensures that your chess pieces last for a lifetime. They are packaged in a velvet style interior that ensures that your chess pieces are kept safe. The packaging is perfect for traveling and gift giving.


• The chess board folds perfectly hence making it portable
• Has a lovely packaging which is great for gift giving


• A bit pricey compared to other chess sets.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/TheIsleofLewisChessSetBox

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History of Isle of Lewis Chess Sets

This set is believed to have been found on a beach on the Isle of Lewis. The Lewis chess sets were found buried 15ft underground and in a stone container. There were 78 chess pieces and 14 plain discs that were found in one place. There are many theories on whether a cow dug them out or came across them when it fell on a hole. However, that is not an important part of history.

The chess pieces are carved from walrus which is a type ivory taken from Greenland. However four pieces that are cut from whale’s teeth. The chess pieces represented human figures with facial expression and stubby legs which makes them unique. On the other hand, the pawns are simple geometric shapes. The queens are distinct from the rest of the chess pieces by the fact that the queen raises a hand to her jaw. This is a debatable gesture as some think she might have been in grief, sad or shocked. The knights are on top of horses with their spears and shields.

The most distinctive figure has to be the four crooks who appear to be biting on their shields. This crooks shaped the historical nature of the chess pieces as they can be dated historically. They are believed to be an imitation of the berserkers who were fierce Viking warriors.
ii. Benefits of Isle of Lewis Chess Sets

• Used for socializing

Chess playing has been a significant form of socializing dating back centuries back. This concept has not changed yet, and it still applies today. Most of the chess players meet up and talk about the current events and politics. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask about personal issues. Some people also use chess playing when they are conducting business deals. As this is a friendly ground and chess is used to break the ice between strangers, the game can be used when two people are meeting for the first time, and they are nervous. If you want to hear about the latest politics in the area, then you better try out the nearest chess playing joint in your area.

• Learn more about the history

The Isle of Lewis chess sets can be used to pass on some historical facts while playing. The distinctive way the chess figures wear and hold themselves shows you how they were regarded in the society back then. Like the way the bishop appears on the set shows that he was a highly regarded person and his word meant a lot. The king’s posture shows his authority back in the days. Additionally, you can tell that the queen did not participate physically in any war. Playing this game can enable you to learn more about Viking history.

• Builds character and intellect

It is believed that playing chess can make you more intelligent. This may be associated by the fact that you have to think about your next move and take the correct measures. Also, chess playing builds the virtue of patience as you have to be very patient with your partner when they are making their move. The game requires you to deeply concentrate on the type of move you want to take and focus on not exposing your king. This adds skills and strategies to be used in life.

iii. Isle of Lewis chess set brands

• Chess sets world

Chess sets the world to reproduce Lewis chessmen sets which look almost like the original. The chess pieces are made out of high-quality, durable resin material. The resin material gives the chess pieces a texture which makes them appear as if they are the original chess pieces. Not to mention the coloration that gives them that vintage and original feel. The pieces are 3.5 inches wide and have a felted base that will prevent them from marking the board. The breathtaking and gorgeous chess pieces will allow you to have a fantastic experience with your family and friends.

• Design Toscano brand

The design Toscano brand is well known for its unique chess boards. They have marvelous attention to detail and ensure that the board has that antique and vintage look. The chess sets are also made with care, and the same attention to detail prospect applies to them also. The chess board and chessmen are made from a long lasting resin material that gives them that original texture and color. The Lewis chess sets measure 17-inch width by 11.5 inches by 1.5 inches, and they weigh 12 pounds. The king piece is 2. 5 inches tall which is quite large enough and provide the perfect grip.

iv. Average pricing

The chess sets are available in most gaming shops at an affordable price. The prices range from 150$ to 200$ depending on the brand. The price also depends on the material used to make the chessmen and the chessboard.

v. Stores and selection tips

Selecting the perfect chess sets can be a bit hectic. There are many factors to consider when selecting a Lewis chess set

• Durability
You have to look for a chess set that is durable and will serve you for a long time. You don’t want to have a chess set that will break the first time it falls.

• Historical representation
The Lewis chess game is a representation of the history. Finding a historically correct chess set should be of utmost importance

The Lewis chess set has a rich historical background. Playing chess can improve your character and skills as it allows you to engage with others. Choose the best Lewis chess game that suits your needs and that of your family.

4 Isle of Lewis Chess Sets and Boards
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