4 Glass Chess Sets and Boards

Glass Chess Sets

Its simple beauty and natural shiny finish make glass an ideal material for a timelessly graceful chess set. As a tremendously versatile material, glass can be made in a number of different styles, shapes and colors. This is an indication that regardless of your design sense, a glass chess set is there that perfectly fits it. Below are some glass chess sets you can consider:

1. White and Black Mirror Chess Board

White and Black Mirror Chess Board

Price: $32.95

This exquisite mirrored glass set has black and frosted chess pieces that will lighten up your office or different spaces around home. In addition to its visual appeal, this set is completely functional and can be used for a formal or casual game of chess.

The size of the mirror board is 13.75 inches with artfully placed alternating clear and frosted squares that can be detected quite easily. The king stands proudly at a height of 2? inches and the total weight of this glass set is 5.5 pounds. There are rubberized support pieces on all sides of the square board. This is designed to provide the well-needed firmness and prevent the board from any possible damage.

The pieces are distributed into designated clear and black, which makes them easy for the players on both sides to follow. There is a felt bottom on each piece that makes them easier to maneuver and prevents scratching of the mirror board as well.

All things considered, this black and frosted glass set is guaranteed to bring a touch of elegance and class to your office or whatever space around your home you decide to display it. In addition, it can serve as a remarkable gift for someone special in your life who will appreciate the beauty and functionality of this set. Carefully crafted, beautifully designed, and properly priced, this spectacularly-built set should not be ignored.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/WhiteandBlackMirrorChessBoard

2. Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

Price: $298.53

Ideal for Roman gladiator fans, this set definitely adds a bit of spice to the mix that a lot of other glass sets simply do not have. Adding the shiny metal pieces and the 3D metal board base surely puts this set in a more superior position than other crystal sets. However, if you would like to tone it down a little, the chess board can be detached from its metal stand and played normally on any level surface.

The magnificence of this set is unparalleled and it is definitely worth every penny of its cost. The intricate details of the 3D battlefield board base and chess pieces transport it from a simple game board to a masterpiece; this also adds another layer of fantasy to the games played on it. With the entire Coliseum laid out before you, it is quite easy to imagine yourself as a Roman gladiator battling against an opponent.

The set is made of glass and metal, the board size is 16 inches square and it is 4¾ inches tall. Each square is 1½ inches and the entire playing surface is 13? inches. The king weighs 6.5 ounces, it is 3 inches tall and its base is 1¼ inches. Overall, the weight of all the chess pieces is 12.4 pounds.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/RomanGladiator3DChessSet

3. Ebros Greek Mythology Chess Set

Ebros Greek Mythology Chess Set

Price: $69.99

Made out of glass, this Olympian Greek god chess set is a part of an exclusive collection from Atlantic Collectibles. Considering the cost, the quality of this chess set is surprisingly good. The chess pieces are attractive and have just the right amount of detail. It provides great value for the price and will make an ideal gift, especially for kids, teenagers and adults who are just getting their interest piqued by the wonderful game of chess.

This chess pieces in this Olympian Greek gods set are made out of polyresin and have been individually hand painted and polished to perfection. The chess board included in the Ebros Greek Mythology set is ¼ inch thick and the size of the playing surface is 17 inches by 17 inches. The board itself is made out of durable glass and the Olympian gods chess pieces are approximately 3.75 inches at their tallest and 2.5 inches at their shortest. The diameter of the base is 1.25 inches.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/EbrosGreekMythologyChessSet

4. Medieval Knights 3D Chess Set

Medieval Knights 3D Chess Set

Price: $262.90

Medieval times have continued to capture the imagination of both the young and the old. This 3D set is undeniably exquisite and will certainly become a focal point in your office or home, if not a complete showstopper. Each component of this set is impeccably crafted and remarkably detailed. It has a floating glass playing surface that is suspended above a battleground besieged with crumbling towers and discarded shields, lending solemnness to the games played on the board. Silver and gold chess pieces are engaged in perpetual battle with each other on the suspended platform, way above the ground. If you have ever yearned for more drama in your chess games, the Medieval Knights 3D set is one you should consider.

As it relates to the chess pieces, all of them are cast from metal and either coated in gold-colored or silver-colored metals. Due to their solid metal construction, the pieces have a normal weight to them, which makes them easier to maneuver and provides them with stability while they are on the board. If you are a nervous type of player, you might even be scared that by too emphatically placing a piece on the board, you will cause it to break through the playing surface made of glass. However, you should not be concerned about this; the glass used to make this chess board is adequately durable and can easily withstand regular use. The chess board included in this unique set is a lot more than just a regular old checkered board. It actually adds a great deal to the general design of the set and this is largely due to its detailed base and large size.

The size of the board is 15 inches and the size of each square is 1½ inches. The height of the board height is 9 inches and the height of the king is 3¼ inches.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/MedievalKnights3DChessSet

Benefits of Glass Chess Sets

• Exude Style

With these glass sets, there is a level of exquisiteness that is simply unrivaled in any other chess set. The unique beauty of these sets is in their very nature and they can be seen in elegantly-etched glass boards and pieces that showcase the distinctive sparkle of glass. This is an indication that you can relish in a game of chess, while displaying a unique sense of style.

• Ideal Gift

Regardless of the occasion, a visually-pleasing glass set can serve as an ideal gift; whether it is a wedding, anniversary, graduation or birthday, a beautiful glass set could come in quite handy. For chess enthusiasts and collectors, a gorgeous glass set will be a remarkable addition to their collection.

• Décor Item

Even those who are not avid chess players can benefit from the sheer beauty of glass sets by incorporating them into their home décor. A stylishly-made glass set can intensify the beauty of your home by simply being displayed on a coffee table or the mantle.

Glass Chess Set Brands

Some of the brands that manufacture glass chess sets include the House of Staunton, Pavilion and Ideal.

Average Pricing/Stores

The previously highlighted glass chess sets can be purchased online on The Chess House and on Amazon. The sets that were looked at in this review range in cost from a low of $32.95 to a high of $298.53.

Selection Tips

Below are some things to bear in mind when selecting glass chess sets:

• Usage

Glass can obviously be a bit more delicate than other kinds of chess sets; therefore, you should think about whether the material is suitable for your intended use of the set. For instance, a glass set would be ideal for use as a decorative set or for use in an adult-only area like a study. However, if you would like a set for a travel or for a young child, glass may not the best option. It will have to be treated more gently than other kinds of sets to make sure it stays intact.

• Style

As previously mentioned, glass is very versatile and glass sets can be created to suit any design or style preference. This indicates that there are options available when purchasing glass chess sets. In narrowing down your options, it is important to determine if you have a strong style preference before you begin your shopping. If your preference is a modern set, looking at traditional styles would be a waste of time.

• Price

Price is definitely a factor in any purchase, at least for most of us. Glass chess sets range in cost from tremendously affordable, beginner-friendly sets to extremely expensive designer crystal sets. Identify the price point with which you are most comfortable before you begin shopping; this will prevent you from falling in love with a set you simply cannot afford.

4 Glass Chess Sets and Boards
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