5 Giant Chess Sets and Boards

Giant Chess Sets

Chess has been a favourite game of strategy around the world since ancient times. The popularity of the game has prompted chess set providers to expand on the traditional chess board to include a number of genres, historical periods, and characters. From medieval chess sets to dragon-themed and Arthurian, there is no shortage of options for those wanting to play chess with a specific battle or set of characters in mind. Giant chess sets have also become more common as they can be found in park settings, homes, community centers, shops, businesses and beyond. Enjoy these reviews and recommendations on some of the best giant chess set options around.

1. MegaChess Giant Premium Chess Pieces

MegaChess Giant Premium Chess Pieces

This giant chess-pieces set by MegaChess is ideal for anyone wanting to experience the magic and strategy of the game in gargantuan proportions. The chess pieces are black and white for the classic battle of wits and opposing forces. The pieces are made from lightweight and durable high-density plastic so they can easily be moved around by players of all ages. The pieces are waterproof, UV protected and resistant to fading, cracking, and staining. These chess pieces are the most popular size at 25″ tall. The chess board and mat are sold separately.

These giant chess pieces are ideal for use around the home, for a public park, camping, on the beach, or anywhere like-minded chess fans are likely to gather. To experience the artistry of chess on a grander scale, consider the allure of large-scale chess sets.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/MegaChessGiantPremiumChessSet

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2. Giant Chess Set by MegaChess

Giant Chess Set by MegaChess

This set of chess pieces by MegaChess makes it clear where they get their name. This chess piece set includes 16 white and 16 black pieces sized at 37″. These pieces are impressive looking to say the least. With each weighing up to 3.75 lbs, they are large enough to resist strong winds but light enough to be easily moved around the board. Made from the finest of weather-resistant high-density plastic, these pieces are built with craftsmanship and durability in mind. They will stand tall against cracking, fading, and staining. The chess board and mat are sold separately.

Large-scale chess sets of this nature are ideal in a wide variety of locations. Even businesses are starting to use them on their premises as a way to entertain staff members at break time while providing them with valuable cerebral exercise.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/GiantChessSetbyMegaChess

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3. Giant Chess Set with Mat by MegaChess

Giant Chess Set with Mat by MegaChess

MegaChess has made a name for themselves as one of the premier providers of large-scale chess sets for a reason. They are made from the strongest weather-resistant high-density plastic. The 32 black and white chess pieces stand 25″ tall (the most popular size option). The pieces can stand up against cracking, fading, moisture and staining. They are large enough to resist winds if used outdoors, while still being easy to move around the board.

The giant chess mat is 9′ long by 9′ wide and can be secured to the ground with four metal stakes that are included with the mat. The mat has four grommets, one on each corner for staking. The mat is made from heavy-duty durable nylon and has 13″ squares for compatibility with the 25″ chess pieces. Chess sets of this nature are ideal for use in a number of locations for a wide range of ages and playing abilities.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/GiantChessSetwithMatbyMegaChess

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4. Giant Teak Chess Set by MegaChess

Giant Teak Chess Set by MegaChess

MegaChess has hit the mark with this luxury giant chess set. For serious collectors, this chess set is sure to impress and provide hours of entertainment. This solid teak chess set is as stunning as it is high-quality. It was carved by hand by artisan-level craftsmen and features stunning shades of brown and black. The 36″ pieces are large enough to impress but still easy to move around for players of all ages. Its lightweight quality makes it portable and ideal to take on vacations or day trips for additional entertainment. As teak is an extremely strong and weather-resistant wood, this set can be permanently left outdoors without risk of damage. The classic styling and craftsmanship of this set make it a stunning addition to any home or space. Featuring the coveted Staunton design, this set is one of the most exquisite giant chess sets available.

The teak used to make this chess set is known as the finest in the world. It has undergone a long drying and curing process to ensure its longevity for years of outdoor use. Rich sun-resistant stain highlights the natural grain and beauty of the teak wood. The chess pieces are then further accentuated by a high-quality polyurethane to provide protection and a lovely sheen. The pieces also feature a grooved rubber ring on the base of the pieces in the event that outdoor storage leads to them sitting in water. The light pieces retain the teak’s natural colour, while the dark stain applied to the others further accentuate the wood’s natural charm.

As one of the strongest woods known to man, teak is the ideal source from which to craft this MegaChess masterpiece. Ideal for outdoor or indoor use, this set can be found in some of the most luxurious resorts, country clubs, and corporate retreats around the world.

Chess Piece Specifications

This gorgeous teak set comes with two kings that are 36″ tall with a 15.75″ base; the weight is 50 lbs. The two queen pieces are 29″ tall with a 15.75″ base, weighing 40 lbs. There are 4 bishops that measure 27″ tall with a 13″ base and weighing 25 lbs. Four knights stand 24″ tall with a 13″ base and weigh in at 45 lbs. Four rooks are 19.5″ tall with a 13″ base and weigh 30 lbs. The 16 pawns are 17.75″ tall with a 10″ base and a weight of 20 lbs. In total, the 32 pieces weigh 900 lbs.

Check it out: https://www.megachess.com/collections/teak-giant-chess-sets/products/megachess-36-inch-teak-giant-chess-set

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5. MegaChess Giant Teak Chess Set

MegaChess Giant Teak Chess Set

This giant teak chess piece set is more than giant; as one of the two largest chess sets in the world, it’s gargantuan. This teak set is as stunning as it is entertaining. Pieces of this nature boast such an extreme level of craftsmanship that they cross over the line from game to a piece of art. This 72″ chess set is made form solid teak and is tailored for those who are only satisfied by the best. Wherever this chess set finds as its home, it will be a natural focal point.

This chess set is the largest MegaChess produces and is unparalleled in beauty and craftsmanship. MegaChess uses the finest quality teak the world’s forests has to offer. The wood is exposed to extra drying and curing time to increase its durability and longevity. Sun-resistant stain and high-grade protective polyurethane makes this set as ideal for outdoor use as it is for indoor. The rubber bottom added to the chess pieces protects them from water pooling around the mat when used outdoors.

Due to the size and weight of these chess pieces, this is not a set to be used by children, but one that is likely to be found in the world’s luxury resorts, retreats, and spas. With the prediction that the value of teak will only increase with time, purchasing this MegaChess set can be considered an investment.

Chess Piece Specifications

The king in this set is 72″ tall with a 19″ base and a weight of 135 lbs. The 2 queens are 63″ tall with a weight of 135 lbs. The 4 bishops are 51″ tall with a 16″ base and weighing 65 lbs. The 4 knights are 42″ tall with a 16″ base and a weight of 100 lbs. The 4 rooks are 35″ tall with a 17″ base and weight of 70 lbs. The 16 pawns are 30″ tall with a 14″ base and weighing 45 lbs. The total weight of the 32 pieces is 2,200 lbs. A truck rental would be an important part of any plan to move this giant chess set.

Check it out: https://www.megachess.com/collections/teak-giant-chess-sets/products/megachess-72-inch-teak-giant-chess-set

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Chess Piece Set Brands

There are a number of giant chess set brands to choose from, but some of the most common and high quality are made by MegaChess, Garden Games, EasyGo Products, and Pressman Toys. Average pricing for large-scale sets vary depending on the make and material. Luxury chess pieces made of exotic woods like teak and companies like MegaChess can cost up to $5,000. Less expensive sets made of high-density plastic will, on the average, cost around $150 to $300.

When it comes to selection tips, consider how you plan on using your set. Will you be toting it around on family vacations and outings? If so, you will want one that is lightweight and portable. If you are wanting one more as a luxury item to be a focal point in your yard or home, the MegaChess sets will more than suffice and definitely be a conversation piece. Whether you plan on using it indoors or outdoors will determine the material type and size you will need.

5 Giant Chess Sets and Boards
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