5 Dragon Chess Sets and Boards

Dragon Chess Sets

Chess is a an ancient game of strategy and forethought that has captured the human imagination for centuries. The game of chess has evolved over the years to include a variety of characters and time periods. Chess specialty retailers have made a business out of creating high-quality chess sets that depict different groups, genres, and periods in history. With the union of imagination, strategy, artistry, and history, the making of chess sets has become an art form that causes many to wonder whether they are purchasing a game or a piece of art. Those with a love for fantasy worlds in which castles, wizards, transformative waterfalls, and dragons abide, dragon chess sets make an ideal addition to any home.

1. Dragon Chess Board Set

Dragon Chess Board Set

This dragon chess board set represents the fantasy realm at its finest. The raised chessboard features a glass surface for easily sliding pieces around. The glass surface is raised and rests upon four castle turrets. The detailing on this set is quite exquisite as the relief around the board depicts the dramatic aftermath of an epic battle. From the skeletal remains of dragons to discarded items like shields and scattered bones, the scene is as dark and foreboding as the intensity of the game going on above.

The chess pieces are dragons in gold and silver that attempt to invade each other’s territory. From the details on the faces and wings of the dragons, you can see that this is a set for a serious fantasy fan.

Board and Piece Details

The board of this dragon board chess set is made from glass and resin, with the checkered playing pattern adhered to the underside of the glass playing surface. The dragon chess pieces are made of pewter, and the king measures 2 3/4″. This dragon-themed chess set is an ode to the darkly menacing presence of fire-breathing dragons and epic battles between good and evil.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/DragonChessBoardSet

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2. Verdugo Ultimate Chess Set

Verdugo Ultimate Chess Set

This Verdugo ultimate chess board set includes the playing board and pieces that depict duelling cold-blooded dragons and bloodless dragons atop a war-ravaged black tower. The playing surface is a glass board with the checkered pattern attached to the underside. Many players prefer a glass board as the pieces easily slide around the board. The checkered pattern is unique in its colouring of sage green and off-white squares. With the glass top playing surface elevated by the sizeable castle underneath, players are transported to a whole other realm in which fantastical dragon creatures battle with wings outspread and menacing faces. The dragon pieces are captured in grey, gold and silver and gold and silver. The detail on the dragon’s faces and their skeletal-like bodies is quite impressive.

Board and Piece Details

The squares on the board are 1″ and the playing surface is made of glass. The war-ravaged castle and duelling dragons are made from durable and resilient resin. The dragon pieces are painted in grey, gold, silver, and grey. The tallest chess piece is 2 1/8″ and the smallest is 1 3/4″. This imported Verdugo ultimate dragon chess set perfectly captures and sets the scene for a chess battle to take inspiration from a scene of aftermath from an ancient and epic kingdom battle.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/VerdugoUltimateChessSet

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3. Middle Age Dragon Chess Set

Middle Age Dragon Chess Set

This Middle Age chess set is a classic-looking piece that represents the Middle Ages perfectly. The pewter pieces represent dragons, kings and queens, knights, and horses posed in front of castle turrets. The classic look of this set is easily achieved by the wooden playing surface with the standard brown and beige squares. The board comes with storage drawers beneath to safely stow away the chess pieces between matches. The pewter pieces are detailed with the finest of craftsmanship from the folds of the queen’s gowns to the detailing on the knight’s shields and the flowing beard of the king and the raging dragon pawns.

Board and Piece Details

The playing board measure 14 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ with playing dimensions of 11 3/4″ x 2 3/16″. The king measures 3 1/4″ tall; the bishop 2 1/2″; rook 2 3/8″; dragon pawns 2 3/16″. The pieces are made of pewter and have the ideal home beneath the playing surface. This Middle Ages dragon chess set is highly recommended for children, novice and advanced players alike. Those with an appreciation for chess sets of a more classic look will appreciate the look and feel of this set.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/MiddleAgeDragonChessSet

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4. HPL Dragon Fantasy Gothic Medieval Times Chess Board Set

Dragon Fantasy Gothic Medieval Times Chess Board Set

This dragon fantasy gothic medieval chess set stages a battle set atop the turrets of a castle with its raised playing surface. The individual pieces depict dragons, kings and queens, knights and wizards. The pieces are made of solid resin and are hand painted for ultimate detail. The detailing on the pieces is extremely intricate from the wizard’s staff to the dragon’s wings and queen’s flowing gowns. The pieces are felt-bottomed so they can easily slide around the playing board. The classic colour choices of gold versus silver calls to mind the classic struggle between good and evil that characterizes medieval fantasy battles. While it is unfortunate that the board does not include storage, the pieces are shipped in styrofoam packaging that could be reused to safely store the chess pieces for years to come.

Board and Piece Details

The pieces are made from solid resin, are painted by hand, and are felt-bottomed. The king measures 3 1/2″ and the total weight of the pieces is 2 lbs 4ozs. The included castle board is 17 1/2″ and features alternating squares of dark and light brown. This dragon fantasy gothic medieval times chess set by HPL represents a classic fantasy set that would ignite the fires of medieval conflict to spur on the ultimate chess match.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/HPLDragonFantasyChessBoardSet

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5. Fantasy Dragon Chess Set by Pacific Giftware

Fantasy Dragon Chess Set

This fantasy dragon chess board set by Pacific Giftware depicts the epic battle for territory that rages between dragons and characterizes the world of fantasy. The playing board is included in this set and is a glass surface fixed to a slightly-wider surface below. The glass playing surface is a popular preference for chess players that enjoy how easily the felt-bottomed pieces slide around the squares. Depicted in gold and silver, the opposing dragons are made from pewter and feature intricate detailing of the wings, faces, and castle turrets. This fantasy dragon chess set by Pacific Giftware features clean lines and bloody battles, truly appreciated by the fantasy enthusiast.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/FantasyDragonChessSet

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Dragon-Themed Chess Set Brands and Where to Find Them

There are numerous chess board manufacturers, but when it comes to dragon-themed chess sets, Pacific Giftware, HPL, Verdugo, Pacific Trading, Design Toscano and Home Locomotion are some of the most popular.

Most, if not all, of these chess board sets can by purchased on Amazon or directly from the brand’s website. The Regency Chess Company and the House of Staunton are sources of supreme-quality chess sets that are known for providing some of the world’s finest chess sets. A trip down to your local games store is also likely to produce a wide selection of varying-quality chess board sets.

Average Chess Board Set Pricing and Selection Tips

When it comes time to purchase a chess board set, the price varies greatly. Depending on the brand and what the set is made from, you can spend less than $100 or go all the way up to $1,000. Generally speaking, you can get an impressive chess board set for around $300. Resin, metal, and plastic pieces tend to be less expensive than wood, marble, or ivory. When you are deciding on how to make the best selection, consider if you plan on moving your set around; if so, a playing board with storage is extremely handy. Also, for portability, consider the total weight of the board and pieces.

For novices or chess boards for children, sets where the characters are easily distinguishable can make the game clearer. If you are purchasing the board and pieces separately, make sure that the pieces are to scale with the squares on the board. Once you have made your final choice and purchased your dragon chess set, you will have a fantastic game of strategy at your fingertips.

The realm of fantasy has occupied the minds of writers, readers, and film makers for centuries. The bloody battles waged on black-tower turrets between dragons, kings and queens, and knights epitomizes the classic struggle between good and evil as few others do. For ultimate chess fans, the fusion of one of the world’s oldest strategic games with a favoured historical period or fictional genre represents the ultimate in gaming rivalry. For novices, before picking up just any chess set, do some due diligence to ensure you are getting the perfect board and pieces to suit your needs. For those with chess-playing experience, certain qualities like material, playing board surfaces, brand and craftsmanship will likely become of paramount importance. For those with a zest for fantasy, dragon-themed chess board sets make the perfect gift that will be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

5 Dragon Chess Sets and Boards
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