3 Batman Chess Sets and Boards

Batman Chess Sets

Batman is one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time. Since 1939, Bruce Wayne has been fighting crime in Gotham City. Whether it be in comics, movies or any other types of appearances, the Batman brand is instantly recognizable, even by people who aren’t fans.

Something as popular as the Batman brand obviously has a lot of branded products out there. Batman chess sets have been popular for a while now. Fans think of them as part functional, part collector’s items. A simple search online reveals quite a few options, but below is a list of the three best Batman chess sets on the market today.

1. The Batman Chess Set (The Dark Knight vs. The Joker)

The Batman Chess Set

Price: $44.90

First Thoughts

Manufactured by The Noble Collection and officially authorized by Warner Brothers, The Batman Chess Set (The Dark Knight vs. The Joker) is very well done. Everything from the box art to the durability of the set shows that this is not cheaply made.

The individual chess pieces really shine on this set. They are well made, have great weight to them and the details are well done. The faces have a ton of detail, and even after some uses, there is no sign of wear and tear. Batman and Harley Quinn are probably the two pieces in the set with the best details.

Storage looks great. The plastic trays don’t seem that flimsy, and it was fairly easy to take out and set up in a matter of seconds.


The pieces have great weight to them. They are definitely sturdy and can withstand some beating throughout the years. They have wide bases, virtually eliminating any tipping during play.

The board is also made of quality cardboard material. After several plays, it still does not show any signs of wear. It seems to be made to last, and it has the right amount of thickness and weight to lay flat and stay flat on a table.

Colors really pop with this set. The main color them of black, purple and gold really looks good. The colors contrast just enough that they don’t clash when glancing at the board. There will be no mental mistakes for players who glance at the board and think a piece is theirs when it is actually their opponent’s piece.


This isn’t the biggest chess set out there, but it does the job. The playing board is an 18.5″ square. Each chess piece is in the two to four inch range. The size won’t really fill up big tables, but it does make it easy to pack up and take on the road to play others.

Perhaps the only real thing lacking in this set are two bags to separate The Dark Knight pieces and The Joker pieces. It would just make the set up process a little easier. Other than that, this is an affordable, officially licensed Batman chess set that looks and plays well.

Who Should Buy This

Anyone looking to play a lot of chess with a Batman theme should definitely consider this set. It is durable enough that people can play it and display it when not in use. Most people will not be able to even tell that it is used since the materials are so durable.

This is priced for families who might have kids who aren’t exactly super gentle. It is not an expensive set, and the pieces are tough to damage. Above all else, this is the best player’s chess board with a Batman theme.

Check it out: https://www.worldchesspieces.com/TheBatmanChessSet

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2. DC Chess Collection The Complete Batman Set

DC Chess Collection The Complete Batman Set

Price: $495.00

First Thoughts

It’s easy to see right away why there is so much hype surrounding The Complete Batman Chess Set by DC Chess Collection. From just seeing the box for the first time, people can quickly understand that the company put a ton of effort into making this a true collector’s item.

Like the first reviewed chess set above, it is once again the Dark Knight vs. The Joker. Each piece is packaged well, and storage options in the box are nice.

The sizing is pretty perfect, as the chessboard is a 20.47″ square. It is made of high-quality plastic, and the pieces can get to be as tall as 4.53 inches. Maybe a tiny bit more of height disparity would have been appreciated, as even the pawns are 3.54 inches tall.


Some people are going to think of The Complete Batman Set by DC Chess Collection as simply a display piece. There are others though who will have no problem playing with the set. The good news for those people is that it was designed to do more than just look good.

Each piece is cast in metallic resin and hand painted, and hands on, it is really easy to see all the details. Each piece is painted perfectly, but even the smaller details like the crest on the front to show each piece’s rank is a nice touch.

The board is really sturdy, and fits in with the Gotham architecture-inspired pieces. Everything looks premium with the set, right down to the embossed bat symbol.

After a few games, there is no sign of any wear and tear. It could still pass off as brand new. Going off the composition and weight of the set, this should be able to last.


At first glance, the pieces can sometimes be confusing. The entire color scheme of the board and the pieces can possibly throw off people playing at least once in a while. It is something to consider, but by no means a deal breaker.

Online, there have been a small amount of complaints in regards to broken pieces. That is certainly frustrating, but DC Chess Collection seems to be pretty quick to provide replacement pieces. With so many small pieces with intricate parts, there is bound to be some accidents.?

Check it out: https://www.wbshop.com/products/dc-chess-collection-the-complete-batman-set

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3. Batman Gotham Cityscape Chess Set with LED Light-Up Board by Noble Collection

Batman Gotham Cityscape Chess Set

Price: $794.95

First Thoughts

A true Batman superfan is going to really appreciate everything the Batman Gotham Cityscape Chess Set by the Noble Collection has to offer. Not only is it a perfectly playable chess set, but the details make it look like a true piece of art. From the initial unboxing, this felt different.

First, the box itself was extremely heavy. Probably one of the heaviest chess sets out there. The board seems to be adding a lot to the weight, coming it at over 20 pounds. All the pieces combine weigh over 13 pounds, making this a set that is as durable as one can find.

Each piece is made of pewter and die-cast metal. Pieces have very detailed faces, and even the pawns have their own very unique look. The board is propped up thanks to four very detailed skylines meant to replicate Gotham City.


The two sides are interchangeable, and a yellow and blue stripe on each set of pieces make it really easy to distinguish sides. That is really one of the few signs of color on the chess set, and a great added touch.

For the full effect, lighting up the board is a must during play. It really shines with a total of 50 LED lights on the playing surface. The first time setting everything up and lighting up the board in a dark room is breathtaking for fans of Batman.

Wear resistance looks pretty solid with this set. There shouldn’t be any issues, unless a person is playing daily for months and months. If that is the case, maybe investing in a second chess board and saving this one for important games is the way to go.


The details on this chess set are pretty great, and it definitely doesn’t feel cheap. With that said, a lot of people are going to balk at first when it comes to the price. There is no indication that the pricing will go down any time soon, but a slight price improvement would make this board more attainable for the superfans.

The board lights up thanks to four D batteries. Having the opportunity to plug it in for displaying purposes out of the box would be nice. There are ways to take care of that, but it was a minor oversight on the part of the company. They had to know that a lot of people would display this, and the LED lights make it stand out as a display piece.

Check it out: https://www.wbshop.com/products/batman-gotham-cityscape-chess-set-with-led-light-up-board-by-noble-collection

Each set brings something unique to the table. The final two are obviously meant more for collectors who also like chess, since they are priced highly. The first one is built more for those chess fans who also happen to like Batman.

It is going to be hard to find branded chess sets as great as Batman has it right now. There are countless branded chess sets for sale online and in stores, but very few have this type of quality.

The Batman Gotham Cityscape Chess Set with LED Light-Up Board wins for best in show. It is just hard to argue with a true masterpiece. The other two sets serve their purpose. For true Batman fans, there really is no wrong answer out of these. Consider this a list of best chess sets, sorted by price range.

3 Batman Chess Sets and Boards
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