Best Chess Opening Moves

In order to be successful in chess, a player must know the best chest openings. They are not going to necessarily win a person a match, but they can certainly put a person at a disadvantage if not done properly.

Just about every person who plays chess rarely understands that there is nothing creative about trying to be too cute in the beginning. Instead, knowing some of the most time-tested openings out there and relying on them is the only way to go. What are the the best chess openings today? To keep things simple, here is a look at some great options for beginners who are looking to increase their level.

The Italian Game

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4

This is considered to be the oldest chess opening out there. With this opening, the player is trying to control the center very quickly. This is done by movie in the pawn and night with the first two moves, and then getting the bishop in the middle ready to attack.

Most look at this as a pretty aggressive move overall, but it has been proven for years to be extremely successful. Good chess players do know the proper defensive techniques to protect themselves, but those who like to set the tone of the match early on should look at this opening as a serious option to consider.

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The Sicilian Defense

1. e4, c5

This is another great choice for anyone who likes to play an aggressive game of chess. It dictates the pace as soon as possible, and it makes for an interesting fight in the center right away.

In most cases, the Sicilian defense will lead to a struggle that speeds up the game right away. Both teams are trying to gain any type of advantage, and it might take the opponent out of their comfort zone.

Along with the standard Sicilian Defense, there is a number of variations as well. Those who are becoming a little bit more advanced in playing can look at the closed Sicilian, dragon variation, classical Sicilian and more.

Ideally, anyone who plays the Sicilian Defense will be perfectly fine exchanging a central pawn early on in the game for a bishop’s pawn. This does provide a slight advantage from the very beginning.

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The Ruy-Lopez

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3, Nc6 3. Bb5

Many chess players these days consider this to be the most trusted chess opening out there right now. Perhaps the only disadvantage to it is that so many people use it, and it can become a bit predictable.

The focus with the Ruy-Lopez is to attack the night very quickly. White is going to be looking to put a ton of pressure on the black center within three moves. There are some defenses to this attack, but nothing really works definitively.

A lot of time and energy went into developing this strategy, and Ruy-Lopez was a Spanish bishop in the 1500s who invented this opening. There are a ton of variations for people to consider as well, and certain chess players actually focus solely on this opening and it’s variations in every single game.

Defending can be tough, but there are some options for people to turn to. The Murphy Defense, Berlin Defense and Steinitz Defense or work well to fight off this initial onslaught. The more people play chess, the more they will end up seeing this attack. For that reason, study up on this one.

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The Slav Defense

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6

For those people who want to open up a little bit more conservatively, the Slav Defense is a perfect opportunity to do just that. It is a relatively new chess opening as far as popularity is concerned, only really taking off about 100 years ago.

This defense is going to be used mostly in response to black d4. It has been used numerous times in World Chess Championship matches, and it is trusted on all different skill levels.

If the opponent starts with the Queen’s Gambit, they usually tend to have something particular in mind. Playing the Slav Defense makes them know right away that you know what you are doing. You can create a wall that is nearly impossible to penetrate.

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The French Defense

1. e4 e6

This defense seems relatively simple as an opening, but it actually puts immediate pressure on white if done correctly. Most players are not particularly comfortable with making somewhat important decisions early on in any match.

After this opening, both sides probably feel like they have some options to consider. White is going to have extra space in the center, which allows them to open up and dictate the board a bit. As far as black is concerned, they might be initially cramped, but there are options to attack and gain space later on. Both sides are going to have pawn chains to rely on, so possibilities exist to take control.

Most observers are going to notice that the French Defense usually makes the match start off rather slowly. It will pick up later on, but it is not the most exciting way to play chess in the beginning. With that said, it is one of the oldest strategic openings out there, and every chess player should understand the basics and some of the most popular branches.

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Other openings to look into

Once these five openings are understood at a pretty high level, the next step is to look into other popular options. Queen’s Gambit was touched on a little bit earlier, and it’s a popular opening for those who like to play a positional game. Indian Defenses, English Opening, Reti Opening and Pirc Defense are all worth looking into as well.

In order to take chess performance to a new level, having an opening strategy is extremely important. A good player doesn’t have to be a master of all these different openings, but basic understanding is going to go a long way towards dictating play and playing defense when needed. A solid opening can increase a person’s chances of winning quite a bit.

Best Chess Opening Moves
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